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Sonoma Crochet Baby Blanket

Good morning my dear crochet, it is with great affection and satisfaction to our beloved readers that we from the Crochet Easy Patterns blog will bring you another beautiful and colorful crochet pattern.

Well, all of you already know about our true passion for crochet, and we have tried every day to diversify even more the patterns shown here, but the following happens, thanks to you, our blessed crochet artists, many free patterns have come to us, the that helps the writing team of our blog a lot, and with that we want to leave here our strongest regards to everyone who shares their projects with us, thank you very much.

We at the Crochet Easy Patterns blog can only thank all of our followers, as all of our work is geared to your satisfaction, and with the fact that you actively participate with your comments and suggestions, our work has been made much easier , and for this reason we will dedicate ourselves even more, so that all crochet workers on duty have in their hands, more and more free patterns to crochet.


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And today’s step by step is very interesting and easy to do, we are sure you will love it, it can be done very colorful, with the colors of your taste, we believe that in warm colors for the next season it would be a good idea, however in baby rooms, pastel tones are more recommended.

It is a crochet blanket with Sonoma stitch, very creative and differentiated, for you to really have fun when crocheting, the description of the pattern is very clear, I am sure that it will be very easy to do it.

It is also interesting to make pillows with this stitch, it is very modern, and with the correct line, it is very comfortable and charming, it gives an exclusive air to the environment.

We always recommend looking for soft and hypoallergenic threads when making baby blankets, so as not to run the risk of the child having any kind of reaction when using the crochet piece.

This step by step gives a suggestion of colors, but feel free to create new color combinations, as we always emphasize here is just an idea, so dare in your projects and share the photo with us when you are ready, it is a privilege to be able count on your feedbacks.

Right now, we want to wish everyone a great crochet work, and a blessed week, full of blessings and grace.

Crochet is too good!

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