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Seaside Blues Blanket Pattern

Hello my dear followers, in today’s post I bring a cozy Seaside Blues Blanket Pattern, so you can vary more and more in your crochet.  Crochet has been getting more and more colorful, yes, more colorful, the time has passed when, until the roll of thread was finished, it did not change color.

With the range of colors on today’s market, we are even confused as to which shade to start, at least one piece, because there is a plethora of shades, one more beautiful than the other.

So I decided to pass this blue pattern. I found it so wonderful, I couldn’t resist. The Seaside Blues Blanket Pattern is very stripped for any eventuality.

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Things You Need To Know About Crochet
Anyone who is a crochet girl or a crochet boy knows all the love you can feel for the pieces that can be created with just a few skeins, needles and talented hands. The art of crocheting has gained more and more adherents around the world and has stood firm for generations. We have brought some curiosities and facts that will make you even more enchanted by this darling manual technique of artisans.

Crochet, mon amour!
The term crochet comes from the French vocabulary and means hook. The word refers to the characteristic shape of the needle tip that is used to pull the threads. And this miraculous hook helps us make the most beautiful pieces, doesn’t it?

After all, where did it all start?
The origin of crochet is very contradictory. There are theories of the rise of technique in Europe, China, the Middle East, and even South America! Crochet became widespread since the 18th century in Europe with the creation of copyable patterns and the publication of books and magazines with graphics. But it was in the 60s and 70s that crochet took off as a form of artistic expression, with the most diverse articles of clothing and decoration. Today, crochet has conquered houses and walkways and it is impossible not to be enchanted by every creation.

A world of possibilities
Speaking of creations, today it’s possible to work everything. But, ALL! On the internet we can find the most diverse (and unusual) pieces made from the technique. So how far does your creativity go?
Take whatever time you have to crochet a piece of your own, this time is precious and pleasant.
Crochet is too good.

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