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Mitered Square Crochet Afghan Pattern

Good afternoon my dear crochet girls on duty, how are you feeling this afternoon? We truly hope that all of you are great and excited to start another beautiful pattern of crochet yarn crafts.

This pattern comes with very clear illustrative images, color suggestion, threads, needles and a very clear step by step, all to facilitate your learning, we believe that you will create a wonderful piece of crochet.

This crochet blanket has a great demand here on the blog Crochet Easy Patterns, we did the experiment before posting here for you, because it is a piece that many wanted we could not fail to test. And it really is a beautiful piece, worthy of giving someone a gift. 


If you want to learn how to crochet, but have no idea where to start, take a look at these tips that will explain the stitches used in this handmade technique in this rainbow crochet blanket.
There are several types of needles and threads. And yes, the choice of one is directly related to the other. Depending on the thickness of the thread, you will need a thicker needle; for thinner threads, you can invest in thinner needles. 

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Crochet hooks can be made of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum, colored aluminum and even rubberized. Choosing the style of the needle is very much up to you and depends on you.
Sizes range from 0.5 mm to 10 mm and the choice of needle size will depend on the type of craft work you intend to do. Some pieces ask for thicker lines or more open stitches, while others ask for thinner lines.
For those who are starting it is interesting to bet on the thinner lines, as they are easier to work with. So, choose your line and check the packaging for the most suitable needle size, and start making your rainbow crochet blanket now.
A nice tip for those who are still not sure when to make the stitches is to work with a slightly thicker thread and a slightly thinner needle. This will make you stitches tighter.

Get to know the main essential tips for beginners in crochet now:

– Before making the desired piece, work on a test piece to get used to the chosen point.
– Prefer slightly larger needles at the beginning, such as 2.5 mm and thinner threads. That way, you can learn well how to make each point.
– If you have difficulty crocheting, you can test and practice with a medium needle and a knitting thread.
– Practice the little stitch a lot before moving on to the other basic stitches.
– When you feel that you are practicing more, practice the high and low points.
– Prefer single color lines while learning, as they are easier to work with.
– In addition to the abbreviations of points, it is interesting to know others such as: sp, which means space; meaning point; rep, which means to repeat; last, last; and Mon, next.

There are those who want to learn how to crochet for beginners as a way to earn extra income, there are those who want to learn as a form of therapy and there are those who want to know how to crochet step by step just out of curiosity and interest in learning something. Novelty, of course, there are those people who already know the basics and want tips on how to make crochet flowers to apply on pieces such as pillows and bedspreads, and others who want to know how to make a crochet blanket to decorate the house.

What really matters is that learning how to crochet can bring many gains to your life. However, there are some details that need to be analyzed to learn how to crochet, these details would be which is the best needle, what type of yarn to choose, what are the easiest stitches to crochet for beginners, so let’s talk a little more about these points on the website. But we will be demonstrating this beautiful rainbow crochet blanket for free in this post for you.

That’s why my loved ones don’t be discouraged, always dare in your crochet pieces, crochet is life, it is joy, it is a daily challenge, and a lot of happiness and motivation.
We wish you all an excellent week, full of peace, power, prosperity and many blessings from God for your lives.
Crochet is too good!

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