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Mitered Granny Square

Good morning my dear followers, how are you feeling today? I hope you are very well, and especially very motivated to start another piece of crochet yarn crafts.

Today’s pattern is called Mitered Granny Square, it is a beautiful project, something different, I think you will like it very much. The pattern is very complete, with suggested colors, threads and needles, very clear illustrative images, all to facilitate your learning.

You already know how much the crafts of crochet yarn is expanding, so it is an idea to suggest to anyone thinking of having an extra income, because we know that today to crochet, you only need thread, needle and training, because we have plenty of free crochet patterns here on the Crochet Easy Patterns blog, so don’t forget to start this craft that is very fun and motivating for your day to day. 

For those who already work with crochet yarn crafts, we have numerous free patterns available on the blog, you just have to browse a bit and I’m sure that great ideas and wonderful projects will emerge. We want to thank all of our followers for the messages and photos that you have sent to us in your comments, we are very happy to see you putting the patterns into practice, it is very gratifying, and we are every day more motivated to search for new pieces and new models to leave here for you.

I believe that many of you already know that crochet besides being a work of art, it is also a very effective occupational therapy, we have received reports from people who are undergoing recovery from accidents and surgeries, who started to crochet in the form of therapy and it has had a very relevant result, so we ask you to also publicize crochet yarn crafts as a therapy and not only as a hobby or pastime, so that other people are also impacted by this good work, we know that the greater the number of people benefited from the crochet artesanto, the greater the visibility and the global engagement of our darling crochet, and our goal is to promote it to the largest number of people possible, and create more exclusive pieces and patterns, always aiming at the improve the quality of our patterns for our artisans.

Access The Free Pattern / Mitered Granny Square

We wish you all an excellent week, full of lots and lots of crochet patterns, peace, prosperity, success and a lot of motivation to dare in new crochet pieces.
Crochet is too good! 

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