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Crochet Center Burst Afghan Pattern

Good morning crocheters and crocheters of my heart, how are you? I hope very well, today’s Post is Crochet Center Burst Afghan Pattern, elaborated with great care.

This Afghan pattern is very rare, so I couldn’t help but mention it, it is a trendy differential, it can be made with a well-blended line, if you want a very modern effect and also very easy to do, I’ll pass the tutorial so they understand better.

In the tutorial you will clear all your doubts and see much better what I tell you. There are some essential details to make your piece look even more beautiful, so pay attention.

⇒Access The Free Pattern / Crochet Center Burst Afghan Pattern

I will leave registered in this Post some curiosities of Crochet for you to delight. Crochet for more than a meter! Did you know that the largest crochet bedspread is over 11,000 m²? The record, set at The Guinness World, was set by Subashri Natarajan of India. It has been helped by approximately 1,000 people to work hundreds of squares that form the giant piece. The quilt is big enough to cover a soccer field!

Crocheting a better world

Through crochet it is possible to participate in social projects and bring hope and lightness to those facing difficult times. This is the case with Crochet Handyman, which help premature babies feel warmth and affection during the time they need to stay in the incubator. Recently, a new project has won the solidarity crochets. The wire wig is a playful way to restore self-esteem and bring joy to children who fight cancer. Have you ever considered using your crochet to do good? Look for a NGO closest to you, do this good deed.

Crochet has neither gender nor age
Who says handicrafts are a woman’s thing? Today paradigms are left behind, and we are pleased to see men and women engaged in jobs and hobbies that were once taxed as common in only one genre. The Circle team has 3 super talented artisans in the art of crochet. Do you already know the work of Neddy Ghusmam, Mateus Moraes and Oscar Menezes? It is worth checking!
You may have heard of the crochet boy, Junior Silva. The 12-year-old collects followers on social networks! One more proof that in craftsmanship there is no room for prejudice.

Crochet is good for health!
Studies show that manual activity helps in concentration, reasoning and motor coordination, preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Crafts also ward off depression and anxiety, lower stress levels and increase serotonin and dopamine levels, substances responsible for feelings of well-being and pleasure. Crocheting is all good!

Crochet is also good for the pocket!
Today, crafts are a great source of income. There are those who use the handcrafts to ensure extra money and also those who dedicate themselves full time to needles and skeins. The fact is that crochet is on the rise and is the perfect opportunity to brighten your pocket.
Crochet is too good!

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