Nomad by Fate – Square Patterns

Good morning dear crochet admirers, today I come with a beautiful crochet square pattern Nomad by Fate – Square Patterns, for you who like to innovate and have fun crocheting.

As I always say, Crochet is a craftsmanship of high quality and refinement, which if made with love and dedication becomes a work of art.
Many people nowadays have stopped making just an extra income with crochet, and have become ezimios artisans, thus leveraging the craft market in the region where they live, or even selling over the internet.

If you already do the art of crochet as a hobby, be aware that you can also make extra income or even be a paid craftsman. Today’s pattern is very modern and up to date, bringing beauty and sophistication to the work Nomad by Fate – Square Patterns.

Many ask us for tips on how to make money from crochet, so I decided to make a short account below.
Tips on how to make money with crochet:

– Once you have created several crochet pieces, you can attend craft fairs in your town, especially on commemorative dates;
– You can still do a fair in your house and invite your relatives, friends and neighbors to honor their work;

You can also build a binder to show your customers your pieces and not have to go around with all the pieces created.
This way, you will take about three pieces with you and along with the showcase, containing your work, where will be exhibited in the showcase the photos of the work made by you, but preferably take your crochet pieces to a studio in order to work very well. Beats the photos.

⇒Access The Free Pattern / Nomad by Fate – Square Patterns

Consignment Sales:
Also, you can make money from crochet selling by consignment, which is where you create the crochet pieces and sell them in stores for less than usual to resell your products.

This way you will check out the unsold crochet pieces and change them weekly to keep crochets up to date in stores.

The bags are also indicated, where you can deliver a certain amount of pieces and they go out to sell. In this case, you either give her a percentage of what was sold, or you put her price on her and hers.

Make money with internet crochet:
Nor can you forget that there is a very important tool at our disposal constantly, which is the internet. This way, you can make money from your crochet by investing in online stores, here indicates the Free Market, and is a pioneer in sales. And there are blogs, groups, the social network of Facebook, Instagram, among others.

But to make money with crochet you have to present impeccable pieces, well crafted and with excellent workmanship, as well as, must follow the colors of fashion, and be always updating, taking courses.

However, crochet is a great way to make money, because with it you can make countless different pieces. Therefore, there are those who do crochet making only baby pieces, such as booties, blanket, hat, clothes and also today is very common to use diapers with crochet bars, which are the mouth diapers.

But there are those who make debutante clothes, and for wedding, where they vary the crochet with appliques and beads.

So for those who want to work in this area, this is a great opportunity, as there are also several crochet step-by-step courses on the internet, either for beginners or advanced.

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