CrochetDiagonal Raised Beanie

Diagonal Raised Beanie Pattern

Hi dear crocheteiros, I bring a very beautiful and warm hat pattern for you to show style and elegance wherever you go. As you already know, I’m always looking for news to innovate more and more posts for you.

It’s a worldwide trend for hats, berets and caps in the fall winter, but as temperatures are so deformed from the seasons, we have to end up taking precautions in other ways, so an elegant cap can not miss our accessories, so I brought this Diagonal Raised Beanie today so that you can vary in colors, lines or strings very diverse and according to the temperature of your local environment.

The bolder you look, the more you will be attracted to new ones inspired by Diagonal Raised Beanie.

© Dana Marie Moreno

And as always I also bring news for those who not only treat crochet as a hobby, but also as a profession. Many ask me how soon or when they can start marketing their crochet, and soon I reply that for that there is no pattern, some start with the first pieces, others prefer to start with a good quality and prefer to trade only after a certain amount of time. crochet.

But my humble opinion is that you craftsman need to feel confident when this step needs to be taken. Once you have learned the basic crochet steps you need to start improving and therefore need to train. After all, practice makes perfect.
So if you really want to crochet, start devoting more of your time to perfecting this technique. Start by making simpler crochet pieces to focus on perfecting your stitches.

Once the simple works are already being handwritten, it’s time to start venturing into more elaborate works that will bring you new challenges and inspirations by making your repertoire much broader and increasing your possibilities for products for sale.

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© Dana Marie Moreno

So try to learn new things, explore new techniques by attending workshops and courses, and your work will be better, which can earn you more sales and increase the value of your craft products. The second step is how to sell your crochet. There are many ways to sell every kind of product including handcrafted products.

The first and most traditional way to sell crochet is in person. To do this, just have a piece on hand and show it to your potential customer.

Another option, however, is to show the product photo if the piece is not currently with you. After all, we all know customers everywhere, even in the bank line. Let’s pay a bill, start talking and then go out with a client. And especially don’t give up on your dreams, everything in this life is born of a dream, and for it to come true, you must believe, so believe, that you will.

© Dana Marie Moreno

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