Good morning dear crochet dealers and crochet dealers let’s do something different today ?! I brought you a beautiful and easy to make LITTLE HELPER BLANKET.

This crochet is for you to use as a detail on a sofa in your home, to treat someone as a treat, to carry your car on a long trip or even to cover yourself on the balcony on a windy day.

You can do it in several colors or even neutral, just one tone, this LITTLE HELPER BLANKET is very simple to make and with step by step you will understand tim tim by tim tim.


It is not now that crochet has become a major trend. Originally from France, this hand-crafted technique can be seen for many years as part of home décor, and is also considered a therapeutic activity by those who require such skill and patience.

Passed from generation to generation, crochet never falls into disuse because it is timeless and easy to adapt to the current one. If used creatively, it can warm in winter, add color and texture to the surroundings, add a personal touch to the contemporary, be part of a more minimalist choice, or renew the energy and look of bland furniture, all without losing that retro look. and cozy grandma’s house.

Crochet can come in many different combinations, colors, techniques, and stitches, and the most popular are certainly tone-on-tone fringed rugs. You have certainly seen a piece with these characteristics in someone’s house!

And you can add it in different ways: through a pretty quilt on the bed, a blanket thrown on the couch, a colorful cushion, a rustic cushion, charming seat covers or armchairs, among other options you can make for your inspiration.

The texture of crochet invites comfort, and is ideal for adding warmth to cool, minimalist environments. This LITTLE HELPER BLANKET follows all references, respecting the room color chart without looking bland. Soon you will be able to start your creations.
Crochet is too good!

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