Lotus Flower Blanket

Good morning my dear crochet girls, I hope you are very excited this morning, because I am coming to bring a very beautiful and delicate crochet pattern to be crocheted, I am sure you will do a magnificent job with this crochet pattern.

This step by step is very complete, full of details for you to take all the doubts before starting the piece, it also comes with suggestion of lines and colors, and with illustrative images in large size for you to observe every detail, this point is very easy to be crocheted, you will have fun doing it.

I have received several comments and requests for crochet patterns that are decorative pieces of the environment, as you already know, crochet has grown significantly in the decoration of environments, the interior designers have been looking for exclusive and handmade pieces to differentiate some environments , and with that, we here on the blog are striving to bring news of patterns that add to this new market, because we know that among us, there are also professional crocheters who always seek to be updated on new pieces and trends in crochet, and this pattern special is one of them, you can dare in the colors, or crochet them in classic colors to be composed in different environments, it is entirely up to you to choose the color of the piece.


I want to thank everyone for this interaction with us here on the blog, because it is through everyone’s participation that we look for pieces, stitches and patterns to add to your choices in crochet, we are very grateful for all of you, because this blog is made for you , and with your interaction, we are only here to serve you in everything that is within our reach when it comes to crochet yarn crafts.

Access The Free Pattern / Lotus Flower Blanket

All of our crochet patterns are completely free, and you can access them whenever you want.

We want to motivate you to divulge the crochet yarn crafts to all your loved ones, friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, in short, to all the people that you think can somehow get involved with this yarn crafts of crochet, because crochet is no longer just a hobby, crochet is also a great occupational therapy, it has been helping a lot of people, mainly in terms of motor coordination, you should also know, that handling colored thread threads make us happier and more creative, so occupational therapy with crochet yarn crafts helps us to become brighter people in our daily routines.

We wish you all an excellent week, full of good things, positive energies, peace, prosperity and especially many crochet patterns.

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