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Good morning my dear crochet girls, how are you feeling this week? I truly hope that all of you are great, today I will post here a pattern by Silva Doily, a true work of art in crochet yarn, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

As you all know, I am passionate about crochet yarn crafts, and we are always looking for news, and when I managed to find this pattern by Silva Doily I couldn’t help sharing it with you, this piece comes with the complete step by step, with suggestion of lines and colors, and also illustrative images, very clear, so you will be able to visualize and crochet.

This pattern is easy, so it can be done by beginners, and I want to motivate them to crochet more and more, because crochet is nothing more than habit, constancy and persistence, I like to highlight my experiences here, because, when I started to crochet, I was a zero on the left, if I’m going to compare the first patterns with today’s, I’m ashamed. So my dear readers, the important thing is to start, always choose a crochet project that will make you very excited and with colors that you will not get sick, as this helps a lot in the first steps, and then have fun, crochet is too good, helps us to relax and open our minds to creativity. 

I ask you to somehow divulge this habit of crochet to your loved ones, I found crochet in a not very nice phase of my life, I was experiencing difficulties and my emotional state was not helping me, it was when I sought help from a professional, so he told me to start doing an occupational therapy, I looked for various therapies, pilates, foreign language, crossfit, running, walking, gym, and there was nothing to keep me going, that’s when I unpretentiously found a friend and she told me about her experience with handicrafts, and then, the desire to search about the subject aroused in me.

Access The Free Pattern / Silva Doily 

And it was by doing a simple search on the internet that I found crochet yarn crafts, so I’m here today, crochet has helped me in a significant way, which is why I often insist with you to spread this among your friends our darling handicraft, sometimes very small gestures are of great value, and as I am very grateful for everything that the crochet yarn handicraft has done with me, I always disclose the benefits, because sometimes by our side, someone needs only one little help to start.

I want to wish you all an excellent week, full of blessings, peace and prosperity. And mainly many crochet patterns!

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