Good morning my dear crochet girls, as you are this afternoon, I sincerely hope that all of you are wonderfully well, today I am going to leave here on the blog a real crochet relic, this point besides being beautiful is very rare to be found, soon , I think you will love it.

This stitch is easy, but delicate, because it is a hollow crochet stitch, a little attention is needed when doing it, but I am sure that you my crochet hooks will take this crochet from the letter. It comes with a complete walkthrough, with clear images and a detailed explanation.

As always, it also comes with a color suggestion, very beautiful by the way, but as I like to emphasize here on the blog, it is just a suggestion. Each Crocheteiro must be more creative and daring, especially if he is a professional craftsman, because whoever seeks to buy handicrafts in general, seeks exclusivity, and our darling handicraft of crochet threads, gives us an infinite possibility of creation and daring, that’s why my dear, be daring in your crochet projects, with each new pattern be diversified, and have fun crochet. 

I want to thank you all for the beautiful and affectionate comments left here on our blog, because this blog is made for you, and through you, so I always ask for everyone’s interaction, as it is with suggestions, opinions and even criticism constructive of you that this blog is composed and motivated daily, your interaction with us is of great value, we are here to serve you, in the craft of crochet yarn, and as we love what we do, for us crochet became a great leisure, and we have a lot of affection and respect for all our followers, so we want to please them, that’s why the comments are so important, because it is through them that we learn what you want to see in crochet patterns. 


Access The Free Pattern / ARCADE STITCH IDEAS

Crochet has grown significantly in the craft trade, as interior designers have been looking for differentiated crochet pieces to decorate the environments, so here’s the tip here on the blog, of this wonderful pattern, for you to dare in your crochet pieces. Your creativity is what makes you stand out as a crocheter, be sure to have a lot of fun when crocheting, this leisure time is precious. 

I wish you all a blessed week, full of achievements, positive and motivating energies, and of course, many, many projects and tips for crochet yarn crafts.


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