Colorful Crochet Velvet Twist Headbands

Good afternoon my beloved crochet girls, how are you feeling this afternoon? I hope you are all wonderfully well, I will post here a pattern of crochet tiaras, the most beautiful thing in the world, I am sure you will love it, I really enjoyed it.

Today’s pattern is an excellent gift idea, a fluffy tiara, which adds a special touch to any baby’s look, making the baby even more cute. This pattern has several color suggestions, one more beautiful than the other, you will have difficulty choosing, as it makes you want to crochet them all.

For those who sell crochet items, this pattern is ideal, as it is something you can do throughout the year, so you can have some items ready for delivery, as it is a small item, you can have some and will not occupy physical space in your studio. I like to emphasize that the professional crochet man must dare every day in his crochet projects, because anyone looking to buy a crochet piece, loves exclusivity, creativity and freedom of expression, so crochet patterns need this. I believe that with exclusive pieces you will have many more customers and your sales will take off.

This pattern in particular is easy, you can do it in a short period of time, which will facilitate production, we still have color suggestions in the pattern, but I like to say, it’s just a suggestion, it’s you who will give it the tone of his designs, a blended line would also fall very well in this case. You will notice that the step by step is very complete, it comes with all the necessary details for you to crochet.

I particularly did this project to present the daughter of a friend, who was just born, she liked it a lot, because I was careful to choose an anti-allergic and very soft line, because after all babies have very sensitive skin, so we must to have this kind of care when we go to crochet for these little ones, in fact, there is little care, as babies have very delicate skin. 

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I want to thank all of you who, in one way or another, who take some time out of your day to interact with me through your crochet projects, this interaction is very important to me, and especially very motivating, because it is through her that I learn about a a little more of your tastes, so be sure to share with me your opinions, suggestions and even your constructive criticisms, because this blog is made with a lot of love, affection and respect for all followers, and without you this blog will not there is gratitude.

I want to wish you all an excellent week, full of blessings, peace and prosperity, and of course also many crochet projects.

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