Starting with a Granny Shawl

Starting with a Granny Shawl. Hello my beloved crocheters, today I’m leaving here on our blog another work of art of crochet yarn craft, a beautiful and delicate piece, so you can be inspired to start another crochet project, we believe you will love this pattern , as it is of easy level.

Starting with a Granny Shawl. The walkthrough is very complete, with clear illustrative images, complete pdf, a suggestion of colors, threads and needle, everything to facilitate your learning, as some of you already know, this blog is only intended to disseminate free patterns crochet yarn crafts for as many people as possible, as we know the many benefits of crochet.

Starting with a Granny Shawl. On our blog we have numerous patterns of crochet yarn crafts, this one in particular is very beautiful, and anyone can do it, even those who have never made any crochet piece, because the step-by-step will simplify how to do it, and you won’t have it difficult to get started, even today if you want.

Starting with a Granny Shawl

The color suggestion is just to inspire you, as we like to motivate you to create your own color combinations and your own patterns, as a good craftsman loves to leave his mark on his pieces, giving them his special touch, and we here on the blog love to see the inspirations of our artisan artists.

Starting with a Granny Shawl

Here’s how to make Starting with a Granny Shawl:

Access The Free Pattern/ Starting with a Granny Shawl

We want to thank everyone for the messages received with completed patterns from you, because this blog is made for you and with your participation, the opinions of our readers are very important for us, because it is through you that we can measure what your desires are of patterns that you want to see here, and to see your work completed is very gratifying, so we want to tell everyone that the word that defines the Crochet Easy Patterns blog team is gratitude!

Many of you don’t know, but this blog came into being through an occupational therapy, one of our editors, went through a very big stress crisis due to backlog of work, and had to leave her job, and one of the ways to get through for this process, to balance herself emotionally, she went to occupational therapy.

And at that time, several alternatives had been suggested to her, pilates, physical exercises of all kinds, music, travels, walks, books, and she couldn’t persist in anything, until a friend suggested to her the handicraft of yarn. crochet.

And that’s when she gradually started to crochet, and she developed the skill very efficiently, and of course, she really, really improved her emotional state.

And that’s why we made a point of starting to publicize handicraft as a form of occupational therapy, because as this handicraft makes us so well, we want other people to also have reach for this wonderful technique, and to create their projects, pieces, works wire art, finally, we ask everyone that at this time when the world is changing, we are more empathetic with each other.

If you liked this pattern and want to see some more suggestions and ideas for starting a new crochet yarn craft piece, below we’ll leave more free patterns:

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We wish you all an excellent week, full of blessings without measures in your homes, great health, great peace, great joy, prosperity and, above all, lots of energy and good spirits to start another crochet yarn craft project.
Crochet is too good!

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