Crochet Blanket

Salem Swirled Hexagons Bedspread

Good afternoon my dear readers, today I am going to leave here on the Crochet Easy Pattern blog another true work of art of crochet yarn crafts, a beautiful Salem blanket, very creative and easy to be crocheted.

This piece comes with a very complete step by step, with illustrative images, color suggestion, threads and needles, all to facilitate your learning, we believe that you will have no difficulty doing it. It is a genuine piece, a piece that you will not be able to leave behind, it is really well differentiated.

In the pattern you will have the suggestion of two projects with different colors so that you can be inspired, but both are beautiful, so you will have difficulty in what to do, because it makes you want to have both, they are so wonderful. 


As you all know, we here on the blog have a lot of love for crochet yarn crafts, and we are in a campaign to promote this craft, because with the function of global change in people’s routine, we have seen that crafts have helped several families, not only as a hobby, or as a therapy, but also as a form of extra income, and we all know how difficult our days have become, so we ask everyone to, in one way or another, divulge this handicraft of crochet yarn also as a form of extra income, we believe that many families will be reached through the internet and that is why we have dedicated ourselves above average to deliver here on the blog, more free content for everyone, as we know the need for new ideas , new pieces, new creations and we count on the collaboration of all so that this movement does not stop and only evelua, with that we all become happier and lighter people in our routines. 

Access The Free Pattern / Salem Swirled Hexagons Bedspread

And we also want to motivate those who are starting, and are having difficulties in their first pieces, if I can help with a suggestion, this would be to start with small pieces, so as not to get discouraged, and so as the evolution goes to more elaborate and bigger patterns, so that you will not run the risk of becoming discouraged in your crochet yarn craft projects. Just start, be it anyway, to become an expert crochet hook you need training, so constancy is the word for anyone who is starting out in this wonderful entertainment.

We wish you all an excellent week, full of different crochet patterns, many threads and a lot of boldness in creativity.
Crochet is too good!

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