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Mini Half Strip Baby Blanket

Mini Half Strip Baby Blanket. Hello my dear followers, it is with great affection that I come to bring you another new and beautiful crochet yarn craft item, a delicate one, but very creative, we believe that you will enjoy it very much. This step by step is in the form of a blanket, but you can do it as you see fit, you can make a bar or details with it, it is up to you.

The pattern has a very detailed description, with a suggestion of colors, threads and needles, very enlightening images, so that you can be inspired, in short, very complete, everything to facilitate everyone’s learning. It is an easy level, even those who are starting can start doing it, it will be fun.

I particularly found this point very favorable for making a baby blanket, as you can make different blends of colors, or even use a blended thread to crochet it. As we always like to emphasize here, what counts in every crochet project is always boldness and creativity, allow yourself to be bold in your pieces, you will see real works of art at the end.

This pattern in particular was suggested by a reader, who was looking for a pattern that could be made for both girls and boys, so we made a point of looking for a very versatile piece, and we believe that it will be of great use.

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As you all know, we have faced numerous diversities in recent times, and we have received many messages from readers asking us if it is possible to enter the artisans market to make an extra income, because with home office work many people are alerting to different things, and of course, we couldn’t stop talking to you about this.

Well folks, as in all the things we did in life, resilience and persistence will improve us along the way, however, I say that it is possible, yes, to become an artisan of crochet yarn, you need to get it in the beginning smaller pieces so as not to get tired, and evolve according to your desire, always remembering that the more we practice, the better we get, what we cannot do is give up, in no way.

And a legal way to publicize the work of artisans to those who are starting is to advertise on social networks, and see the repercussions that it will generate among your friends, just in this step you will already have an idea of ​​how your first projects will be accepted, and of course , the first pieces are worth giving as gifts to friends, neighbors, co-workers, all of which already helps in the dissemination of their work. And yes, crochet yarn crafts are a good option for extra income, especially nowadays.

See how to make Mini Half Strip Baby Blanket:

Access The Free Pattern/ Mini Half Strip Baby Blanket

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We wish you all an excellent week, full of peace, love, health, prosperity and many step by step crochet yarn crafts.
Crochet is too good!

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