Fleur Motif free pattern

Hello dear followers, how are you feeling today? I hope you are great, and very motivated to start another beautiful crochet yarn handicraft project, because today I am going to leave a wonderful pattern here on the blog.

This pattern was handpicked for you, it is an easy point, and with it you can make several pieces, both whole pieces as blankets and blankets, as well as application even for a piece that is already ready, you just dare in creativity .

This project comes with very specific explanations, with a very complete step-by-step, suggestion of lines, colors, and also has some images for you to be inspired, all to facilitate your learning, but I believe that you will have no difficulty in crochet- it.

As you all know we are going through a very turbulent moment in the whole world, which in one way or another affects us, and with that we cannot turn a blind eye to the people who live or go through our lives.

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It is a moment for empathize with others and also a moment of reflection on what we are experiencing and how we are acting in the face of so many adversities, so we already want to thank the interaction of our followers, you motivate us daily to continue sharing everything we have learned about the crochet yarn crafts, and it is really cool to participate in some way in the lives of our readers through new crochet projects, we are immensely grateful.

And with that we want to ask everyone to talk, comment with people in your relationship about the act of crochet, the craft of crochet threads is no longer just a hobby, it also helps countless people as a form of occupational therapy.

It has already been proven through research that artesanto helps a lot of people with motor coordination difficulties, people who have suffered a traumatic accident, it helps people with alzheimer’s, and especially people who are in a state of depression, so if we can do it somehow good to a person with a simple dialogue, disclosing our dear crochet yarn craft, I believe that we will already plant a positive seed in someone’s life.

So at this moment we want to encourage all of you to empathize mainly with people people around us, together we are stronger.

Access Thee Free Pattern / Fleur Motif free pattern

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We wish you all an excellent week full of many blessings without measure, peace, prosperity, love, positivity and especially many threads of different colors to create many crochet patterns.

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