Spike Cluster Stitch for Blankets

Good afternoon my beloved readers, how are you feeling with all these changes that we have faced daily? We truly hope that you are very well, healthy and very motivated to start a new piece of crochet yarn crafts.

Today we are going to leave here on the Crochet Easy Patterns blog a lovely crochet stitch, very different, we love to do it, as it is creative and very easy to learn, we will leave here in step by step a video, suggestions of threads, colors and needles, but as some of you already know, we always like to motivate you to make your own color combinations, when we receive feedback from you with your own ideas we are very proud of our followers, you are exceptional, it is very good to share art with you, we love to know how much crochet yarn crafts make you develop surreal creativity.

This particular piece has been requested from us for some time, but we were not getting such a complete video, but the one we left here, it will make your work much easier, it comes with a very illustrative step by step, I believe that you will not have great learning difficulties. 

This blog is made for all lovers of crafts, whatever it is, when we here on the blog had a greater contact as the craft of crochet yarn we had a real explosion of creativity variation, I was in particular crazy about crochet pieces different, I wanted to create a different piece every day, but as time goes by, we end up becoming artisans of a certain profile, some like to crochet blankets, others accessories, other baby clothes, in short, we are the crochet artists multifunction, so I suggest for those who are starting, diversify their first pieces, so that you can identify what type of project you identify with the most, do not give up on the first obstacle, the crochet yarn craft has countless ways to surprise you, just you indulge in this wonderful technique. So, for you newbies, who still don’t have as much intimacy with crochet, feel free to communicate with us, talk to us about your wishes and desires about crochet yarn crafts, we know that we are receiving new readers depending on the situation we are experiencing, and we want to facilitate whatever is necessary for our dear readers. 

Access The Free Pattern /  Spike Cluster Stitch for Blankets

We wish you all an excellent week, full of lots of health, peace, love, prosperity and many patterns of crochet yarn crafts.
Crochet is too good!

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We wish all our readers an excellent week, full of joy, peace, love, happiness and prosperity in all homes, and of course, not least, a lot of motivation, threads and needles, to start another beautiful crochet project.
Crocheting is too good!

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