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Blue Rose Doily

Hello my dear, we are back to Crochet Easy Patterns, with new ideas for crochet lovers.

Right now, in this blog, we will learn together how to make an amazing crochet with roses. You might think that specific crochet items like this can be difficult for you, but with the pattern link, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to make this napkin crochet.

Here is everything you will need during your work process, starting with the yarn types and ending with the points you should know or have to learn. I hope you like this napkin too, happy to hook!

Access the free pattern / Blue Rose Doily

This napkin today is for those who like to decorate their home, leave everything in style and very cozy, literally a doll’s house, this crochet napkin is very delicate, you will love to crochet it.

This crochet napkin will leave your home environments with more joy and well-being. Crochet in the decoration is a charm! It has embellished houses of several generations and continues to be a trend inside well-decorated homes.

Crochet is a completely manual technique and is passed down from generation to generation. Who does the job needs skill and patience to develop crafts made only with thread and needle.
Most of the time those who practice the craft learned from their grandmother, mother, neighbor, aunt or took a professional course.
This yarn craft is an item considered timeless; crochet in the decoration can warm up the winter, add textures to the environments, renew the look of furniture or simply add a retro touch to the space.

The crochet is done by hand and its handmade characteristic is perfect to guarantee a much more personalized, cozy and charming decoration. In addition to these features, you can have memories of the crochet cloths that filled your grandmother’s home with elegance; then, relive that memory in your decor.
I’m going to walk you through this crochet napkin, which is very beautiful for you to innovate in this way, although it is a very old piece, this crochet napkin is much more complex to make, but with this pattern you will take the letter, and will certainly repeat it in different colors, be sure to share and comment with us your achievements and challenges with crochet, we are always alert for feedbacks and news.

In addition, I always like to point out that crochet brings benefits to everyone.
One study found that the habit of crochet improves the self-esteem of the elderly. The ability to produce something from a thread and a needle reduces the impact of aging: “This activity is a great tool for the psychological, social and immunological recovery of the elderly. It allows you to release emotions, improve communication, strengthen self-image and rediscover your creative potentials ”, says Maria Heliana Mota Guedes, author of the research. Those who are in the habit of crochet also work their muscles and stimulate vision and touch. And it can be practiced from ten years old.
So, you are looking to produce your beautiful crochet napkin, have fun.
The craft frees the mind.
Crochet is too good!

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