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Good night Crochet Easy Patterns family, if you love crochet, and I think you love crochet just like me, you are certainly always attentive to all types and varieties of pieces that this technique allows us to produce. That means that you probably already thought, at some point, to make a beautiful crochet blanket, right?

This piece is ideal to give a special touch, charming and elegant to your bed or sofa, since besides being functional this blanket is decorative!

In addition, for beginners in crochet, the blanket can be a great start, precisely because it is a piece that most often brings repetitive exercises that makes you enjoy crochet in a more practical way than other pieces.

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That is why I have separated in this article photos of inspiration and step by step that will help you in the production of beautiful and diverse models of crochet blanket.

I think this is one of the most beautiful blankets I’ve ever seen, despite being a fan of crochet blankets. Why crochet blankets are not only exclusive, most of the time when we are crocheting we are going through a phase of life, and this memory is defined in a crochet that we will have throughout our journey, or maybe we will give it to someone that We liked a lot.

I also want to say that it is not very difficult to crochet, with the tutorial you can start it successfully. Of course you can change the colors, you can also make different crochet stitches on the ends to diversify it, with your favorite stitches, but the result will be the same, you will surprise everyone with this beautiful crochet blanket.

Here is a complete pattern with clear explanations on how to make this crochet blanket without any problems. Hope you like!
Don’t waste time, let inspiration take care of you!

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