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Block a Week CAL

Good morning dear and dear crochet, every day we have news of crochet step by step, so for us from the Crochet Easy Patterns blog it is difficult to choose a pattern to show you, because of the different options we have, but we are grateful for that , because our yarn craft has been growing with high intensity.

If we stop to think that crochet has a history in very old society, we would never imagine that today it would be being disseminated on the internet as never before, and that is why today we are going to leave here a wonderful pattern of crochet blanket.

Crochet is a very old craft, and not just for women, but for all genres and ages. He was bitten every day and is known as a hobby with many benefits.



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One of its benefits is the improvement of the motor coordination, improving the concentration and the functioning of the brain, besides being an excellent antidepressant, that is, just good things, besides being very gratifying to see a finished project made by your own hands. It is also a type of handicraft that can be manufactured to sell, as it draws a lot of attention because they are mostly exclusive pieces, because through the way it is produced, hardly one piece is identical to another.
It is important to always practice so that you can raise your level and be able to create new standards. But you will only gain skills and learn how to make points and techniques correctly if you always do new things and practice consistently.

Here on our Crochet Easy Patterns blog, you will always receive news and tips on new patterns to start new projects. There are several beautiful patterns that can be made by beginners of crochet, as we have left here before, pattern of blankets and other pieces, if not seen, just click and look.

Block a Week CAL are very charming and bring differentiated beauty to your home. Today, I bring you a very beautiful pattern to make your room, sofa, lobby or any other environment in your home more beautiful, or maybe you can also present someone with this beautiful crochet, I’m sure it will leave anyone’s day more happy and happy, because there is nothing better than giving, after all it is better to give than to receive, right?

In this Block a Week CAL crochet model, you can also mix the colors you want, because the more colorful, more diverse and unique, making the piece even more valuable. This is the greatest asset of crochet crafts that have a pattern, which we can change as we want or prefer.

The result of this pattern is super harmonious and elegant, because the style of the stitches matches. It can be a beautiful quilt or inspiration for a king bed blanket. This pattern enhances the piece and gives an even more beautiful style to your work.


In addition, the choice of the line is also very important and, especially in the case of blankets for double beds, the line must be softer so as not to irritate the skin and also leave the mantle with more volume. If you need to add a little color to your life, why not create a colorful crochet, which will always give you joy and satisfaction.

Block a Week crochet CALs are adorable, in addition to keeping us warm in the cold. So use your creativity in colors, dare, do it according to your imagination. We leave this wonderful step by step for you to have fun.
From now on, we want to wish you a great week, full of joy and happiness, and don’t forget your opinion is very important to us, share your expectations with us, it will be a pleasure to know your opinion, remember you are very important for us.
Crochet is too good!

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