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Blue Happy Cal

Good afternoon dear and dear crochet girls on duty, it is with great pleasure that today I come to bring a magnificent crochet pattern for you, after all we from the Crochet Easy Patterns blog are very proud and affectionate for our readers.

Creating a new step by step or bringing a new standard here on the site is always a pleasure for us, first of all, interacting with you always brings us a lot of joy and satisfaction, because we have great affection for each story.

 It is really very rewarding, because after all the work is done, when we are sent photos, we simply love what we have done and this keeps us growing in this world of yarn crafts from our darling crochet.

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It is fantastic work and done with the hands, the most original impossible, because it requires a lot of technique and dedication and the practice that we have conquered on a daily basis to make new patterns.

The crochet has been updated and has also become a vintage piece, leaving the look full of style and personality. It is in fashion, in the decorations of the house, such as sofa blankets, table rails, rugs for all environments and not to mention the amigurumi that became a fever.

Crochet is a well-known type of sewing and considered a hobby and it also works for those who sell their pieces and get an extra income, this market has been growing weekly, because the idea of ​​a unique piece for decoration or gift to someone has become a fever, however for to be a manual work it takes a certain time to be made, which makes the piece more valuable.

The crochet pattern that we are going to show you today is something you can make many different pieces, it is known for Blue Happy Cal which has an exclusive design, a feature that combines crochet and rainbows, so I left the photo of the pattern in an easy and visible place to help you with this project.

It’s a different and very delicate point, due to its design, which is a texture, looks beautiful on pillows, bedspreads, sofa blankets or rails with details, in fact many things can be done, let your creativity flow, because this is the secret of this craft, the more different, the more beautiful.
 I am delighted with the characteristics of this pattern, which I am already thinking of making for my living room, it will look beautiful and I’m sure my visitors will love it.
As I always ask you to share your suggestions and crochet projects with us, your opinion is valuable to us here on the Crochet Easy Patterns blog. From now on, a great week for everyone, full of crochet patterns!
Crochet is too good!

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