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Charlotte’s Dream Pattern

Good night dear and dear crochet, each day a new inspiration and motivation to crochet new crochet patterns, is what we from the Crochet Easy Patterns blog wish you all.

Several crochet artisans practice the activity of crochet with a purpose that is not always linked to health benefits. Some make it to sell, others to decorate their own home or to present friends, and there are even those who have a hobby in needles and threads, which helps fight stress and reduces the anxiety of the daily rush.

However, did you know that reducing stress levels is just one of the many benefits provided by the practice of crochet? There are even clinics and hospitals that adopt the technique to relieve tension in patients and families. In the pattern below you will identify a classic model with modern refinement, it is very worth checking out, a lot of beauty in crochet threads, which can be used in different ways.


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We prepared this post with great affection to all our readers in order to add positivity to our crochets.
I will mention some benefits here so that everyone can see which ones they identify with the most.
Prevention of degenerative diseases:
Due to the need for concentration, reasoning and motor coordination, handicrafts like crochet help prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
Clearance from depression:
Maintaining intellectual activity decreases anxiety and can help ward off depression. In some cases, this practice becomes a new meaning of life. Elderly people, for example, start to have new goals and, when they see purpose in what they do, they feel more useful. In addition, there are many crochet groups that have provided geriatric events for more than a decade.
Stress reduction:
Handicrafts increase the levels of serotonin in the brain, and, consequently, the feeling of well-being and pleasure, in addition to the most important: they decrease the hormones that cause stress.

© lauraseawright

Some repetitive movements tend to calm the heart and lower blood pressure, thus creating a comfortable feeling of relaxation.
Agile hands:
Manual activities work the muscles and provide stronger and more agile hands and arms for life.
Improved self-esteem:
The ability to plan and create something from beginning to end increases self-esteem and the sense of accomplishment.
From now on, we wish you all a wonderful week, full of joy and happiness, and I ask you to share with us your experiences with crochet crafts, this is very important for us, you reader is very important for us.
Crochet is too good!

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