Crochet Blanket


Good morning my dear crochet girls, how are you feeling this morning? I truly hope that you are great, and especially excited to start another beautiful crochet yarn craft pattern.

Today I come to bring you a beautiful HAPPILY EVER AFGHAN BLOCK, beautiful, stunning, something that will leave you very fulfilled at the end of the project, I believe that these are one of the most beautiful that I have left here on the blog for you.

This pattern comes with a complete step-by-step, with suggested colors, threads and needles, and also with very clear images to make your learning even easier, I believe that you will have no difficulties in crochet it. 


This piece has been requested by readers for some time, but we had a little delay in our posts, so we thank you for your patience. This project is ideal for those who like to decorate a room in the house with handicrafts, in short, an elegant piece like this has to be well on display, isn’t it !? And for those who like crochet yarn crafts, this pattern is a true classic, I think we just need to start making it so that the love for the piece flourishes.

This project is also very much done to give a loved one a gift, I like to motivate them to crochet as a gift, as such a piece has great sentimental value, both for those doing it and for those receiving it, as they are works of art made with your own hands, and thinking about the person who will receive it. I like to think that when we crochet for someone, we stay with them in thought, wishing for all the good things that the universe can provide for them, and I believe that with that they are already recharging the person’s energies at the time. 


So folks, crochet goes far beyond a hobby, a therapy, a trade, with crochet we develop resilience and empathy for others, this goes beyond being good to others, the moment we crochet we did good to ourselves, we build up, we reestablish ourselves, in our feelings and in our routines, so keep your focus on your crochet projects, you will not only grow with a great craftsman, but you will also become a more empathetic human being for society in general .

We wish all our dear readers of Crochet Easy Patterns an excellent week, full of achievements, peace, prosperity in all areas of your desire, and especially many patterns of crochet yarn crafts.
Crochet is too good!

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