African Flower with 8 Petals

Hello my dear crochet girls on duty, today I will leave here on the blog for you a beautiful pattern, one of my favorites, very elegant and elaborate, I believe that everyone will like it, it is a very motivating pattern for you not to waste time and start, or if you are already doing a project add to your list of favorites.

This pattern is very popular, we have seen it on the internet since, but this pattern in specific, this one with details, for you to improve your crafts, making your work better and better, in an excellent way, which I believe this is the dream of all the crochet.

It has very clear illustrative images, to motivate you to start, details of lines and colors, and a complete step by step, very beautiful, colorful and delicate. African Flower with 8 Petals is easy to learn, after you make one you will realize that the method is repetitive, and soon you will have finished all the work. 

African Flower with 8 Petals

This pattern is a beautiful souvenir to give as a gift to a loved one, as they can change colors and make for both women and men, and because it is a truly incredible piece I believe that anyone will love to win a gift, after all a beautiful one gift of crochet yarn crafts, and as always it is good to frize, win a crochet, it is a true proof of love, something done exclusively by your own hands and especially with a lot of affection, isn’t it really ?! 

African Flower with 8 Petals

Access The Free Pattern / African Flower with 8 Petals

As for professional craftsmen, or even beginners in this area of ​​crochet yarn crafts, this project becomes very profitable, as it is a popular and desired piece by everyone, which you can make from several lines to have in your stock in the studio. Some people have asked me about marketing values, and I can’t measure it because crochet crafts are very active in some regions and others are not, so you need to do a search around the area, to be able to value your craft crafts from crochet yarn.

I want to tell you that the craft of crochet yarn has been growing strongly in the market, so, make an account of the cost of your threads and the time you spend crocheting your pieces, and value your pieces, because crochet pieces are exclusive pieces, and those looking to buy these projects value exclusivity.

We wish you all an excellent week, full of many crochet pieces, and a lot of joy!

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