Crochet StitchEvocation crochet Doily Pattern

Evocation crochet Doily Pattern

Evocation crochet Doily Pattern. It is a new Julia Hart pattern and is called evocation. A finished measures about 14 ″ in diameter. Since the pattern is divided into 3 parts, you will find it very easy to make a smaller napkin and also play with your favorite colors.

The crochet napkin is just one of many possibilities that the thread and needle technique offers. If you want to add an extra touch to your dining table or your kitchen in general, the crochet napkin is a great choice, as well as decorative, the piece is also very functional and practical in everyday life.

For those already familiar with the technique, you can venture into hundreds of charts and recipes available on the internet. If you are just starting out, you can find crochet napkins a great source of inspiration, as naturally smaller pieces can become a good source of learning.

To make the crochet napkin you will need basically two materials: needles and threads. Crochet hooks should be chosen from the thickness of the yarn and the type of finishing desired. For example, for a firmer-looking napkin with tight stitches, prefer a thick strand with a thinner needle.

For a more delicate napkin model, the best option is to work with needle and fine thread. For those who prefer a more rustic and stripped look you can choose to work with string and thicker needle, following the thickness of the thread.


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Napkins, like all crochet crafts, allow for incredible and varied customization. You can choose the shape, size, colors and even the designs that will be part of the piece, as well as decide if you want to make an application or not.

Once ready, crochet napkins can beautify your table or be presented as a gift to someone special. Another option is to make napkins to sell, just to give you an idea, on sites like Elo 7 you can sell pieces of this type for about $ 40 a set with five pieces.

To complement the use of the crochet napkin, try also making sousplat and napkin holder also using the crochet technique. The table will be even more beautiful and complete.

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