CrochetEllor Mandala Pattern

Ellor Mandala Pattern

Good morning crochet dealers and crocheters, let’s start another post with news for you, Ellor Mandala Pattern.  This Ellor Mandala Pattern is very easy to make, as well as a very interesting decoration item for your home or work environment, according to your taste.This Ellor Mandala Pattern can be made in many ways, colorful, unique and classic color, it will depend solely on your creativity; but I warn you it will be a very easy and fun pattern to make.

Those who follow the site know that we are always looking for news and with increasingly eclectic house decorations we can dare in colors and shapes, and we who are passionate about crochet are not left out of anything in this segment.

© Emilie Chaumartin

Crochet is one of the ways in which you can differentiate environments with very low cost, and along with that you who practice this craft by unlocking your mind and relieving stress.

Crochet mandala besides being therapeutic is decorative!

I love crochet work, when I saw a crochet mandala, I fell in love!
Mandalas are known mainly for their color. When you observe the mandala, it conveys life, joy, relaxation and more! That is, everything depends on your perception and affinity with the design and the colors.

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Also known as the essence content, it represents the integrity, health, connection, unity, harmony and life cycle.

After all, the mandala is widely used as a form of therapy or meditation.

Relieve tension, anxiety, fear and worry;
Relax and heal body, mind and spirit;
Feelings of repressed release;
Freedom to express feelings without appearing threatening;
Stimulate creative thinking and problem solving.
It is believed that when you create, color, or look at the mandala, you are quietly programming the mind to absorb the essence of the content.

So check out the colors and their representations and let’s work!

© Emilie Chaumartin

♥ Red: Helps ward off depression and discouragement, but should be used with caution. Because in excess the person can be a little irritated, nervous. Stimulus color, strength, passion and sexuality.

♥ Yellow: To activate mechanisms such as reasoning and communication. That is, it has the power to push away fixed ideas. Color of intelligence and creativity.

♥ Orange: Aids understanding through difficult times, such as rejection. Restoration color after a difficult period, bringing joy, generosity and wisdom.

♥ Green: to energize body and soul, transmitting good vibrations to those around you. Soothing color that facilitates balance, renewal.

♥ Blue: Helps to relax, soothe body and mind, as well as under stress or insomnia. Color of balance, serenity and peace.

♥ Rose: It helps a lot in the balance of relationships (including marriages), working a lot on affection. Color associated with love, harmony, unity and happiness.

♥ Lilac: Power to awaken spirituality, cleansing environments and bringing more lightness. Color of spiritual balance to one who is disbelieving or disconnected with divine forces.

♥ Black: convey that notion of elegance, especially when combined with other colors. But be careful not to overdo it as it can emanate a heavy energy such as pessimism and even depression. Color of wisdom and intelligence.

♥ White: Above all, it brings a feeling of cleanliness and purification and helps to open many good ways. Color of peace

© Emilie Chaumartin

Here are some inspirations for you to create your own beautiful crochet mandala and put in your coffee pot to emanate light, tranquility, joy, finally, good vibes.

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