Crochet Blanket

Crochet Octagons Blanket

Good night dear and dear crochet, once again for us from the blog Crochet Easy Patterns it is a great joy to share another crochet step by step.

Today I will leave here a very colorful and modern idea of ​​a crochet blanket, with a very explanatory pattern, so that you can have fun while crocheting another blanket project.

It is no longer news to you that blanket is my favorite crochet project, because while I make a crochet blanket, I disconnect from daily activities and manage to relax and think about life in a more pleasant and positive way.

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The crochet blanket makes any sofa or bed much more cozy and delicate, this yarn craft comes diversifying a lot every day, news and patterns are launched all the time, the variety of step by step that I’ve come to know makes me more and more enchanted by crochet in general.
As our idea here is to decorate with style and without spending a lot, the pattern we brought was made with a very cheap and easy to find line. To make this blanket, you will only need lines and your hands.

In this crochet blanket we can specifically identify octagons of different sizes, this format is not seen much in patterns, so I decided to show it to you.

It is very important for us on the Crochet Easy Patterns blog the participation of all of you, we love it when you share your preferences and feedbacks from other posts with us.

Crochet has changed lives in therapeutic homes and even in our homes. This activity today is no longer just related to hobbing, but also to occupational therapies, which has a quick and effective effect on the lives of many people.

Several times I have shared with you true cases of readers who come to us to report their experiences with this yarn craft.

Many people are cured of psychological disorders, and also recover their self-esteem.
We also have reports of people recovering motor coordination after accidents while maintaining occupational physical therapy with crochet.

So folks I can’t help but thank you who share our standards via the internet, and also thank everyone for your fellowship during our humble posts.
As I always say here, crocheting is no longer just the privilege of grandmothers, all of us men and women can enjoy this yarn craft with great pride and creativity.
Well after all that, just follow the step by step, which is very simple and enjoy the moment.
Crochet is too good!


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We wish you all an excellent week, full of peace, prosperity, great health, and especially many, many crochet patterns for you to have fun.
Crochet is too good!

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