BABY RIBBED SHOULDER SWEATER this is another beautiful crochet yarn craft pattern that we will leave here on our Crochet Easy Patterns blog for you to have fun and produce wonderful crochet pieces, this is a very cute sweater, which you can make as big whatever is ideal, it is a classic crochet, and we believe that you will find it very easy to do it, since the instructions are complete.

This walkthrough also comes with a video, which makes performance even easier for those who are starting in the world of crochet yarn crafts, it also comes with an easy to be interpreted description, very clear illustrative images, color suggestion, thread and needle, all to facilitate your learning.

This sweater is a true crochet classic, we had the greatest care in looking for this pattern, as we had many requests, and we wanted to find a step by step that was easy, so that everyone could do it, and we believe this is a success, because it was tested and approved by our entire team, in addition to being of course very cuddly, and also an ideal piece to start learning crochet yarn crafts.

This sweater comes with a color suggestion in baby blue, but you will be able to make it in different colors, including a colleague here on the blog made only leftover threads and it was very beautiful, she made it as a gift for a friend who is expecting a baby and not yet you know if it’s a boy or a girl, so chloride was ideal.

For those who want to resell, we suggest doing it in neutral colors, which makes it easier and quicker to resell, and this particular piece is very worth having in the collection, as it is a crochet classic, therefore, all your customers will like it. This piece is also very beautiful in mixed lines, gives a very special touch, makes the sweater more elegant.

We want to thank all our readers for the messages sent, suggesting to us some patterns, because this communication is very motivating, because it is through you that we measure the wishes of patterns to post here on our blog, and your interaction is essential for our performance, we are here only with the aim of adding value to everyone’s learning in crochet yarn crafts, so be sure to express your wishes for crochet patterns, we will do our best to get them.



For those who are arriving now on our blog, and still do not have much understanding of crochet yarn crafts, rest assured that, over time, you will become familiar with the content, and in a short time you will be crocheting beautiful and delicate pieces of crochet, we have in our blog several patterns, of all levels, easy, medium, advanced, in short, all levels of crochet, which will help a lot in your learning and development in this craft.

If you liked this pattern and want to see other pieces, below we will leave some other pattern options for you to have fun:

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We wish you all an excellent week, full of peace, health, joy, success, happiness, prosperity, and especially many lines to create the most beautiful crochet yarn craft projects.
Crochet is too good!

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