Post & Shells – Crochet Stitch – Blanket

Hello girls, as you are on this wonderful day, I hope you are all very well, as I come to bring you a crochet stitch that is a real charm, too beautiful, very delicate, but easy to learn, I believe you will like it. And mainly I think it will add a lot to the list of new projects, as we always try to bring you news.

This stitch also serves to make edges of other works, because it has a very relevant finish, maybe used with a classic stitch, give a more refined finish to the project, but it can also be made just one piece from this stitch, as I always like to make it clear, the blog is just to suggest ideas to you, but the creativity and the final boldness is your own merit.

This point is a little different from the others we have here on our blog, it is exquisite, ideal for making an accessory, or a piece that has some relevance, but in cases where if you introduce a silky and classic line the piece is excellent , will depend a lot on the style and taste of the craftsman. I believe that it is also an excellent idea for those who want to present someone with an exclusive piece, because it is a different point, I believe that whoever receives the gift will feel privileged. 

We want to thank everyone for sharing their crochet projects and pieces with us, we have received countless wonderful images of work done by you, it is very beautiful to see the development of your skills, it is really very satisfying for us to follow your growth as artisans. Many of you come to our blog, without much expectation, maybe even without motivation, and the simple fact of starting to crochet awakens a brilliant creativity, and the projects take shape and each one with a style and a special touch given by you , and true works of art are born, the word that has been defining our work is Gratitude. Thank you very much for your interaction, it is very important for us to know the challenges and needs of our craftsmen, because only then can we seek to find the best way to help them to create even more beautiful patterns of crochet yarn crafts. 

Access The Free Pattern / Post & Shells – Crochet Stitch – Blanket

We wish you all an excellent week, full of crochet yarn crafts, with a hint of motivation, courage and happiness.

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