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Catherine Wheel Blanket

Good afternoon dear and dear crochet, how are you? We hope that very well, we at the Crochet Easy Patterns blog always have the greatest respect and affection for our readers, and today we are going to bring a very diverse crochet stitch.

The craft of crochet yarn has helped many people in many areas, because the practice has many benefits. Crochet is a very old type of craft, and well practiced it becomes an incredible manual work, it never went out of fashion and every day it is renewing itself with modern decoration ideas or accessories.

Practicing crochet has many benefits, such as improving motor coordination, as dealing with the thread and hook improves brain activity and memory, preventing depression and reducing anxiety. Doctors even indicate the practice for occupational therapy, doing health very well. Therefore, we have all these benefits and much more for doing something we love, after all crochet is a hobby that passes from generation to generation.



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 The wonderful thing about a Catherine Wheel blanket today is a well-known and widely practiced pattern. It is great for those who are starting to crochet because it is easy for beginners, and very fun to be made, not leaving you bored.

A crochet blanket made with this stitch looks very beautiful, but in addition to making a Catherine Wheel Blanket, you could also do other things through this example, such as shawl, rug, small sofa blankets, table runners and whatever else. imagination allow. If you were looking for this pattern to make a beautiful crochet blanket, no more need to procrastinate, get to work and have fun.

A blanket made with this Catherine Wheel stitch is really incredible and very well accepted, so selling it in exclusive pieces would be the biggest success.
Use the colors you prefer, a tip is those lines merged, it is a very beautiful and creative result, makes any project very sophisticated.

The size of the needle to be used will depend on the thickness of your yarn, so choose the yarn first and then the needle, so that you have no problems when crocheting. At the end of this post you will have other patterns for you to explore, if you want to share your projects with us, leave them in the description, it will be a pleasure for us from the Crochet Easy Patterns blog to be able to talk to you our readers about crochet patterns. Never forget that you are very important to us. From now on, we wish you all an excellent week and a great yarn project.
Crochet is too good!

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