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Good morning crocheters on duty today we will learn how to make this wonderful GLENCOE TARTAN PONCHO CROCHET PATTER.  It is warm, elegant, comfortable and super easy for you to make. The tip today is to hit the line, because being a heavier and cooler piece, it is best to use more neutral colors and easy to repeat.

GLENCOE TARTAN PONCHO CROCHET PATTER is a European trend that has been gaining ground in women’s closets, as they are beautiful, super comfortable, easy to wear, and how today’s modern woman always combines business with pleasure.

This GLENCOE TARTAN PONCHO CROCHET PATTER home perfectly on any occasion.
We’ll give you a very explanatory crochet pattern so that you can make your poncho as soon as possible and enjoy the fashion.



And as always, I have been bringing motivations for you to continue or start your life as a crochet or crochet player, because the benefits of this art are many and you can not miss this.

I will give you a little report today of a wonderful crochet that decided to share with us a little of its history.
As the 37-year-old civil servant, who found a way to get rid of the stresses of everyday life. “After a bout of stress that scared me at the risk of evolving into something more serious, I decided to look for new alternatives to help me, to rest my mind and rest from problems,” she says.
This public servant sought physical activities, more contact with nature … And saw that this well-needed welfare could also be created with her own hands.
“A friend presented me with a crochet kit, I thought I could never do it, but I am already finishing my first work that is a square blanket and I feel very happy and pleased to be able to allow me a time dedicated to me, without guilt and besides providing me with an incredible well being “.
“Concentrating on the counting of the stitches helps me think of nothing. The result of the crochet is rewarding, given the time invested. The immediacy of the present day is driving us away from these pleasures.”
And with another beautiful account of our beloved crochet dealers, I close this post by stating to you that crochet is in fact a handmade therapy that brings many benefits, especially mental health.
Crochet is too good.

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