Crochet Peacock-Style Pineapple Coasters

Good morning my dear crochet girls, it is with much respect and affection that we from the Crochet Easy Patterns blog, today we are going to bring you a fun crochet pattern, very creative.

We want to start this post by thanking all our dear readers for the messages that have reached our team, all of our followers are of the utmost importance, as it is through their feedbacks that we measure our work.

We always have the greatest respect and affection for you all, always, we always want to see all our readers motivated to create new crochet projects and motivated to be part of our blog.

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We want and are striving for this, to maintain a high level of free standards to be posted here on our blog, so dear ones stay with us and don’t forget to share your projects, ideas and suggestions, are always very welcome.

Today we are going to talk about a very fun pattern, a pattern that can be used as a cup holder, to decorate your dining table in style, after all, crochet goes well on any occasion, right?

This pattern was made by one of our collaborators for a dinner of our team and we think it is very important to share it with all of you.

We also want to suggest other ideas to you, because as it is a very versatile pattern it can also be made as an adornment for another project, as a detail of a pillow, as a decoration ornament for plant pots, a blanket border, a spout for a table runner, in short, use your creativity, with this step by step you will be able to create different and exclusive crochet pieces.

We always like to emphasize here that the difference between us artisans is the boldness in creating new pieces using this yarn craftsman that we love so much, because with the internet bringing us a flood of ideas we can create the most different patterns, that’s why my beloved readers, have fun with your work, often when we start a crochet we do not know if this is what we want to crochet and in the end it always comes out a wonderful piece, and it is through this differential that we remain motivated and engaged in the production of beautiful crochet pieces.

We want to ask all of you to continue sharing your crochet patterns with us, it is very important for us all to participate here on the blog, and we are very committed to it, so be sure to leave a comment, suggestion or any information about the our darling crochet yarn craft.

From now on, we want to wish all our beloved crochet artists an excellent week, full of joy, love, happiness and lots of crochet.

Crochet is too good!

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